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A DIY Project To Make You The Envy of The Neighborhood

April 8 2011

I have a confession. If I’m at a dinner party, over for your kid’s birthday, or at your house for a barbeque, I’m going to eventually wander off and judge the photos you have on your wall. I love photography, and I love art. It is just who I am.  That said there is nothing that will have me raving faster than a creative, DIY, way of showing off your family photos.

Ashley Ann, who is a great photographer and whose blog Under the Sycamore is full of all kinds of beautiful DIY goodness, just set the bar with a great idea for displaying your images. She did it with a few of my favorite things too, a hot glue gun, creativity, and Totally Rad Actions.

She created this beautiful collage in a few easy steps.

Image Courtesy Ashley Ann

The preparation

When undergoing a project like Ashley Ann’s you’re going to want to make sure that your photos end up with a semi-uniform feel, because those pictures from Christmas at Nana’s that have a warm tungsten glow are going to look like vomit next to those cloudy gray images from your last family snow day.

This is where Totally Rad comes in. Ashley Ann used Grandma’s Tap Shoes at 100% to make sure all of her images had the same distressed vintage feel.  I really can’t stress this enough, use some form of editing to give your images the same kick-ass look. It will make the whole project look more intentional, and you won’t have to worry about contrasting colors.

The Process

Once you have all of your images it is time to get your elbows dirty. For her collage Ashley Ann printed all of the pictures as 4x6s and then trimmed them down to 4×4 squares. Once she had all of her photos prepped she measured where her first image would go, taking into account a little bit of wall space between each photo, heated up the glue gun, and got to work. Ashley Ann, being a DIY champion, actually eyeballed her lines, and didn’t use a ruler to make sure everything was straight.

Image Courtesy Ashley Ann

The Product

The result is a fantastic collage that is sure to drop the jaw of any friends coming over for game night.  For some more amazing DIY projects I would really suggest checking out Ashley Ann’s blog, she has some fantastic ideas. If you’ve done some creative projects of your own that use any of the Totally Rad products let us know on Facebook and Twitter.