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Get Organized With Evernote

There are lots of free programs and apps out there for getting organized, but only one reader article (high fives, David Ruiz!) sent in to suggest a great one.

Here’s the rundown on Evernote by David Ruiz!

I’m a huge user of post-it’s, scratch paper, writing on my hand, voice memos. All to remember what needs to be ordered, edited, shipped, etc. Or at least I was until I started using Evernote. Nothing like having a checklist you can access anywhere.What: Evernote is a free app that can be accessed from your smartphone or from the web.

When: Anytime. When I’ve got ideas for a shoot, or need to make a to-do list of projects coming in, I can simply put it in my phone or bring up the app on my computer.

Why: Post-it’s can get lost, mixed up, wet, etc. Evernote syncs up the notes wherever I am. I can also make multiple sections of notes, i.e. Orders, To-Edit, To Ship.

I attached a pic to show the transformation:


Evernote is a great organizational tool cuz you can access it and add to it from anywhere.