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Get Cooking

February 17 2011

One thing you may, or may not, know about Doug and Chenin, our fearless leaders at Totally Rad! is that they know good food. Seriously, I’ve never heard them describe a meal that didn’t sound mouthwatering.

With his foodie nature in mind, I asked Doug if he had some recipes he could share with me. He disappeared into his office, and twenty minutes later he gave me some before and after photos along with a small stack of post-its detailing his editing process.

I guess, considering this happened in the hallowed halls of the Totally Rad! offices, it was a reasonable misunderstanding. Luckily for you, I’ve never been one to let things go to waste, and thought this would be a great chance to share some new recipes with you.


  1. Flare-Up (Golden) @ 50%
  2. Get Faded (Winter) @ 70%
  3. + Contrast (Luma) @ 100%
  4. Cool as a Cucumber @ 100%
  5. Lights Out @ 40%
  6. Boutwell Not-So-Magic-Glasses @ 30%


  1. Super Old School @ 40%
  2. Yin/Yang to taste
  3. Highlight Separator @ 100%
  4. Boutwell Not-So-Magic-Glasses @ 20%


  1. Claire-ify @ 100%
  2. Punch-Out!!! @ 80%
  3. Yin/Yang to taste
  4. Boring Old Black and White @ 40% (over all bright background colors)
  5. Warm It Up Kris @ 40%


  1. Bullet Tooth @ 100% (mask cross-channel from couple)
  2. Yin/Yang to taste
  3. Oh, Snap! @ 100% (everywhere, but over couple)

There you have it! Some awesome new recipes for you to try out over the weekend while I eat mac and cheese for every meal. Don’t forget that you can share your own Totally Rad recipes, and show off what you do to make your own images awe inspiring.