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Happy Hour with Doug Boutwell

Be sure to tune into today’s webinar at 4pm PDT for your chance to win a copy of Lightroom 4, the Totally Rad! Original Lightroom Presets, and AMPED (our latest batch of Lightroom Presets).

Along with some great prizes, Doug will be showing you how to get the most of Lightroom with three different Totally Rad! products, including exclusive LR4-only features. Your workflow definitely doesn’t want to miss it!

Today we’re putting the happy in happy hour by featuring the champagne cocktail. If you’re of legal drinking age, feel free to play along.

In our last webinar Doug talked about the best way to use RadLab to process your black and white images. That’s right, it will teach you to make black and white photos so elegant that your clients will need wheelbarrows to carry around their jaws after your photos make them drop.