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Totally Rad! | Happy Hour With Doug Boutwell

Happy Hour With Doug Boutwell

Happy Hour With Doug Boutwell

Let’s face it; Photo editing can be a little scary. There are a million tools, and a million little ways to use them. The good news is we’ve got your back. For this week’s  webinar  we’re going to collect your questions ahead of time, and at 4 pm PDT on Thursday July 12th Doug is going to give you some answers. You can ask your questions either on our designated post on  Facebook , or by using the hashtag  #RadCast  on  Twitter . We’re going to answer as many questions as we can. If we don’t answer yours, never fear, we may turn it into a whole webinar topic. One last thing, in the tradition of our webinars we’re going to put a little happy in the happy hour. So, be sure to leave some suggestions for this week’s  libation .  

In our last webinar Doug taught us all about champagne while dropping some serious Lightroom knowledge. If you want to become a master of Adobe’s latest workflow beast be sure to watch the replay below.

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