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December 24 2010

First, our Into the Darkroom winner:  Harmony Loves!  A new website template, blog template, and Flaunt slideshow program are headed your way, lovely!  Many thanks to Into the Darkroom for their ultra-mega-big giveaway!

Today, just like 2 days ago, we’re giving away the entire TRA suite.  Because we love Rad Nation THAT much.

The Original Totally Rad Action Set.  Famous for Pro Retouch, Yin/Yang, color pop, fantastic black & white conversions, Big Blue, and — oh yah, Boutwell Magic Glasses — this Photoshop action set is a must-have.

TRA2: The Revenge.  Led by Claire-ify, Select-O-Pop and Select-O-Sharp, this batch of vintage color actions and black & white effects you’ve never seen before makes photographers’ hearts go pitter-patter.

Dirty Pictures:  The 2-minute (instead of 20-minute) solution to adding texture to your images: this plugin adds texture via a live preview, then lets you tweak away, automatically creating layer masks to keep texture from faces and other unwanted areas while maintaining the texture’s tones.

Lightroom Presets:  For the die-hard Lightroom workflow, the TRA Lightroom Presets keep your workflow moving quickly and efficiently — but still have that signature fun flair and punch that’s the creation of one Doug Boutwell.

Enter to win ALL our products by telling us why you should win the suite in the comments!

As always, you can’t enter this giveaway from the Facebook note — come on over to the blog and comment!