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Lightroom Presets Update

Worried about losing the functionality of your Totally Rad! Lightroom presets if you upgrade to Lightroom 4? Well, fear not citizen! As of 3/7/2012, an updated LR4 version of our presets has been available from your completed orders.

If you need to update to the LR4 version of the presets, simply re-download and reinstall them from your account where we’ve made both the LR2/3 and LR4 versions available to both previous and new customers.

Because of a number of changes in the LR4 Develop Module, we weren’t able to make the versions carbon copies of each other. The sunny side is that although the LR4-updated presets are slightly different from their predecessors, the changes tend to make the results actually look much better than the older versions. You can see a full list of all the changes here.

Check it out! A brand new preset mix!

If you have made the jump to Adobe’s latest version of Lightroom be sure to checkout AMPED, our new preset pack exclusively designed to take advantage of Lightroom 4’s new features. It unleashes 20 new ways to rock LR for only $49.