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Is “A Better Web Sharpen” Too Sharp?

November 15 2010

If any Totally Rad action is too dark/light/saturated/sharp/soft for your liking, you can modify it to obey your very specific commands!

In this case, a member of Rad Nation wanted to record TRA 2’s A Better Web Sharpen on her photos to play at 70%, not the full 100%.


  1. Resize your current photo to web-size.  (900 px or less at 72 dpi.)
  2. Create a new action (from the bottom of your actions palette when not in button mode) and call it ‘Modifed Better Web Sharpen’ or something to that effect.  You can delete it if you mess up, no worries!
  3. Begin recording your new action by duplicating the current background layer.
  4. Play A Better Web Sharpen on the top layer.
  5. Pull back the A Better Web Sharpen opacity to 70%.
  6. Flatten the image.
  7. Stop recording the action.  Voila!  70% opacity saved forever!