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It Lives! The New Totally Rad! Website Lives!

Trumpets! Fireworks! Dance Parties!

We’ve been working on a giant project here at Totally Rad! and after a ton of long nights, crazy brain storming sessions, and a few good cries we are ready to unveil the NEW TOTALLY RAD! WEBSITE.

Do you have what it takes to save a boatload of money?

We have a challenge for you! We’ve set up a short little quiz about the website, and the better you do the bigger the discount! If you answer the call, and conquer our quiz, you’ll be given the chance to save up to 32% (about $127) with other discounts. Now, get out there, explore the site, and show the Rad Nation! what you’re made of.

Give us your feedback, and help spread the word about the new site by commenting on the Totally Rad! Actions Facebook page, or by messaging us on Twitter @gettotallyrad.