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October 26 2010


Let’s say you blew the exposure when you were shooting jpeg.  You can throw the photo out, you can cry a lot…or you can get painterly on it.

The Recipe:

– Lights On x5 until window was completely blown out
– Layer-Masked couple back in, bit by bit until properly exposed
– Bitchin’ B&W @ 100%
Dirty Pictures‘ Lex Drillington, Hard Light @ 64% opacity
– Dirty Pictures’ Maxi Mercer, Hard Light @ 12% opacity

Woot woot!  Another Dump to Diamond submitted via our Facebook wall, then awesome-ified.

Oh, and remember — when we hit 12,000 Facebook fans, the Photoshop 12K action will be released for free to all fans.  Rad, huh?