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RadLab just turned one, and to celebrate we’re launching RadLab version 1.3! Along with all the great things you know and love we’re adding the amazing features below.

You read that correctly, you can now rock your favorite Photoshop Plug-In as an external editor in Lightroom! All you need to do is install the update, restart Lightroom, and you’re ready to go!

Our team of engineers has added a snazzy alert system to RadLab that will let you know whenever we release an update. You’ll never have to wonder if you’re rocking the latest version again!

Handlebar Mustache and Skinny Jeans are here to bring your RadLab arsenal up to an amazing 80 stylets!

This party themed recipe pack has everything you need to help celebrate RadLab’s birthday! All the recipes use the two new stylets so be sure to download version 1.3 before installing.