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RadLab Version Update!

August 30 2011

Update: To update to the latest version of RadLab follow the instructions here. Thanks!!!

Hello Early Adopters!

If you downed six cups of coffee, put the kids to bed early, and stayed up late to be one of the first to have a crack at RadLab earlier this month, we’ve got some news for you!

Since the launch we’ve released a few updates that have ironed out some of the kinks that come with any new piece of software. If the top of your RadLab control panel doesn’t say RadLab . v1.0.12, you need to update!

You can update RadLab by re-downloading and reinstalling it from your account in our store. Simply click on My Account, login, and click Completed Orders. If you need some more info on the process, you can find it here:

Help Re-Downloading Your Stuff

If you’re curious as to what the update changes you can see the change log on the RadLab Support page. Most notable, RadLab now is less prone to quitting with an “Out Of Memory” error. Neat-o!