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The Soundtrack Of Totally Rad!

February 12 2010

One of the funnest things about the Totally Rad Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets is the wild names.  From cryptic to crass, to playfully sarcastic, each name evokes the spirit of the Photoshop action or Lightroom preset it denotes, but most of them also reference something else that inspires the staff of Totally Rad.  Many of the names come from songs or bands we like, and so naturally, we began to wonder what all those songs would sound like together.  Here is the result, which you can view on iTunes, and if you’re a hardcore fan, download and listen to while you edit (+10 radness, +5 intelligence, -5 productivity):

Some of the names are obvious, and some not so much.  Here are some notes from Doug on the more cryptic selections:

  • Seized Up | The Suicide Machines | A Match And Some Gasoline (TRA2 – Detroit B&W): A hardcore song from a hard core band.  About being stuck in a run-down post-industrial wasteland (Detroit), and wanting to burn the motherfucker down.  My favorite SM album, though not for that song.  The Photoshop action “Detroit” was named for the cold, crumbling cathedrals of steel and concrete that languish in the post-industrial American landscape, exemplified by modern-day Motor City.  It’s a dark, cool action that produces a rough, steely B&W.
  • 100K | The Loved Ones | Keep Your Heart (Lightroom Presets – 50K): The 50K B&W preset was actually named for the 50,000K color temperature it sets, but the idea to call it 50K came from this song’s name.  It’s a rad song.  Seriously.
  • Mystery Juice | Sean Lennon | Into The Sun (Lightroom Presets – Mystery Bus):  Mystery Juice was the original name of this preset, but we figured most people didn’t know about Sean Lennon, even fewer knew about this song, and people would get all kinds of wrong ideas about what it meant.  This is seriously, though, an AMAZING song, and I listen to it all the time.  Something about hearing Sean’s somewhat nasally voice, full of irony, singing “Maybe I’m a lonely kind of man / a rapper with a 40 in his hand / who can’t stand when you talk about that other man.”  That’s the kind of mix of bare soul and nerdy reflection that I can really identify with.
  • Ice Ice Baby | Vanilla Ice | To The Extreme (TRA2 – Slice Like A Ninja / Cut Like A Razor Blade): Okay, so he was a poser, but this song from my middle school days (when I was actually listening to crap like this) has some enduringly clever lyrics.  Gotta give Vanilla Ice credit for that (or to whoever wrote the song for him).
  • Ode To My Car | Adam Sandler | What The Hell Happened To Me? (TRA2 – P.O.S. Lens): Adam had a piece of shit car.  You can turn your $1800 hunk of L-glass into a piece of shit lens O_o

Some other random notes on the names, while we’re at it…

  • Look these up on Urban Dictionary at your own risk… in fact, just don’t.  If you don’t already know, you don’t want to know.
  • Eddie Would Go, from the Lightroom Presets, was originally called Cygnus X-1, after the epic Rush song.  In fact, I was in a Rush kind of mood when I gave most of the initial names to the Lightroom Presets, so there were like 4 Rush-inspired names.  Chenin made me get rid of most of them.  This is why she’s called the smart one.

That’s all for now – the rest will have to remain shrouded in mystery… How many of the songs in that list do you already own?  +50 rad points to the person who had the most (and another 50 if you actually bought them :)