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A New Look For Totally Rad!

You might have noticed that as of about 6PM last night, the Totally Rad Blog has a completely new design, based around a completely new visual identity for Totally Rad.  In fact, if you missed that, then you probably should get your eyes checked!  We’ve been working on these changes for around a year now, and they’re the first of many to come in the next month or so.  Here’s the skinny on what’s happening:

  • Totally Rad has a completely new look, and the Blog is the first place we’re rolling it out.  The Totally Rad Recipes Site has been re-skinned with the new visuals as well (and, incidentally, our YouTube Channel, which you probably didn’t know we even had).
  • The goal of our visual redesign was to create a cleaner look for the brand, while maintaining the rock and roll vibe.  The original orange grunge and stars thing was impossible to apply consistently and cleanly, and hopefully the new look will be less of an assault on your eyes.
  • Starting back in January, we went through a redesign process with three graphic designers, completely throwing out what the first two created.  The third designer we hired was finally able to “get” the Totally Rad brand, and they did an amazing job of wrangling things into a cohesive whole.  In fact, their ideas went far beyond what we expected, and we think they’re geniuses.  Bruce and Nolen at Post Typography are responsible for the brand’s new concept and for some of the actual page designs on the site.  We heart them.
  • Into The Darkroom, who produced our last site (and Chenin’s current site, and her Blog) has been working on wrangling all the old website pieces into a new unified framework based on the new visual identity.  Mike and Brad were up after hours last night to get this blog up and running.  They rock!
  • The new blog (and most of the entire new site in progress) is based on WordPress, which is why we rolled it out yesterday.  After the Kelly Moore Bag giveaway yesterday, we realized the Movable Type was horrendously slow in posting comments, and it was bringing our web server to its knees (despite the fact that gettotallyrad.com is hosted on a dedicated quad-xeon machine).  So far so good today, so WordPress FTW I suppose.
  • Our support, docs, store, and main site will all be under construction over the next few weeks as we migrate things over to the new platform.  Pardon our dust.
  • In addition to the new site and branding, we’re also working on a groundbreaking new product that should be available near the end of Q1 2011… that’s right – a complete overhaul of our brand and website is only half of what we’ve been up to.  Stay tuned for details!

We hope you love the new look!  Drop us a line on our Facebook Page, on Twitter, or through our Support Contact and let us know what you think!

–Doug Boutwell and the Totally Rad! Team