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Twitter has a New Look!


It is that time of the year everyone! When one of the social media sites we know and love updates their look, and we all need to scramble to design a new profile. Well, FEAR NOT, because we’ve put together a snazzy set of Photoshop Actions that will help you update your Twitter profile in no time.

The best part? It is 100% free! Why would we do this you ask? Because Totally Rad! Inc. always has your back. Just download the actions from the button below, install, and follow the instructions.


  • Download and install the actions.
  • Follow the steps in the “How to” action
  • Once your photo is prepped log into Twitter, click the gear symbol in the top right of your profile and select settings.
  • Select the “Design” tab.
  • Select “Change Header” and upload your snazzy new Twitter header.
  • If you’re also changing your profile photo select profile, and then choose “Change Photo.”
  • Share your updated profile with us on Twitter @gettotallyrad.


If you haven’t setup a custom background yet be sure to check out our post on customizing your Twitter background.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about becoming an early adopter, and being one of the first to update your Twitter profile. Now that you’re rocking a new look, be sure to share it with us by tweeting @gettotallyrad.