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Is it Christmas Already? Version 1.3 Out Now!

Just when you thought our actions couldn’t get any better we’ve got a new update for you! What’s that? How’re we able to improve on something so close to perfection? Through your awesome feedback, a tireless pursuit of excellence, and our undying love for the Rad Nation, that’s how!

The update is free if you already own a previous version. You just need to re-download your purchase through our online store. Here is a snazzy tutorial just in case you need Help Re-Downloading Your Stuff.

Here is all the fun tech info:

3/8/11 – Version 1.3 is mostly a bugfix release, fixing language compatibility issues, but there are also some minor functional changes to the actions as well.

  • Fixed Boutwell Magic Glasses, Homestead B&W, and Bitchin B&W to resolve some language with non-Engligh versions of Photoshop.  They should run happily on most non-English versions now.
  • Added a note to the f/zero conversions that explains how to use them (since they cause a lot of confusion).  There is a video tutorial that deals with how to use this action in the Support Section.  Also renamed the main f/zero action to f/zero Setup, in order to clarify its intended use.
  • Removed De-Blotchifier, Combine Exposures, and Banding-Aid from TRA1.  They were old, stopgap solutions to problems that Photoshop can better deal with now, though they did make sense when they were developed (on Photoshop CS, back in the day).  Time to put them out to pasture.
  • Eye Bump, which was a component of Pro Retouch, is now a separate action for people who just want eye enhancement without the skin smoothing.  This is mostly a convenience based on customer feedback.
  • De-Toner and Red Channel Fix have been removed from TRA2.  Both of them were confusing, and I don’t think anyone will miss them.
  • Burn-Out has been modified to be less Burn-y.  It should darken images less now, and be a bit more usable at near full strength.
  • Magical B&W now puts itself into a layer group with the action name on it, like the rest of the actions (somewhere a bug slipped in where the resulting group was just called “Group 1″).
  • The included documentation has all been moved online to the Support Section, but the included PDF still has a barebones set of installation instructions to get you going.
  • The total number of actions in each set has changed. TRA1 now has 48, and TRA2 has 55