Endre Hilleren is a photographer whose work paints a gorgeous portrait of his surrounding in beautiful Norway.

Wedding and portrait photographer based in the cold north, also known as Norway. I Love Jesus, my family, my dog Tinka, and my cat Halvard. I get inspired by my surroundings, other photographers and light! It’s all about the light.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

In the beginning I couldn’t care less about mobile photography. I preferred my DSLR. But then some friends introduced me for Instagram, and later on PicTapGo was released. I have been a user of Totally Rad for some years. So, I figured I had to try PicTapGo when it was realeased. I discovered that it was an easy and fast way to edit and share pictures from my everyday life with friends and the rest of the world.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

The thing I like about PicTapGo is that it’s so easy to edit the pictures and to put on a bunch of filters. Smooth!! One of my favourite filters is Pool Party, It’s also my favourite in Totally Rad’s Actions, just love the colours!

Cory Ann Ellis