Pro Retouch 2.0


Deliver flawless portraits to your clients in less time with Pro Retouch 2.0. PR2 includes over 30 Photoshop actions that make it quick and easy to edit skin, eyes, hair, and teeth. Give portrait clients magazine-quality closeups or simple edits, depending on their taste. Pro Retouch 2.0 solves any retouching challenge. It’s the easy, natural retouching toolkit that brings out the beauty in your subjects.


Skin Smoothing

Give your subjects smooth and gorgeous skin, by using our Skin Smoother and Foundation actions. Pro Retouch 2.0 works on all skin-tones, to give any client beautiful natural-looking skin. PR2 actions featured: Foundation Strong, De-Blotch Strong, Custom Smoother, Luscious Lips, Eye Makeover, Pop It.

Eye Pop

Use the PR2 Eye Pop action to make your client’s eyes stand out.  Photographers control the intensity of the effect, by adjusting the opacity of their brush. A perfect action for glamour, newborn and child photographers.

PR2 actions featured: Eye Pop, Luscious Lips, Cloning + Healing, Foundation Medium, De-Blotch Stron, Pore Reducer, Red Remover II, Brunette Shine, Pop It


Skin Deblotcher

The PR2 Skin De-Blotch actions remove redness and uneven skin tone with ease. An excellent solution for newborn photographers who want to deliver perfect skin with a quick turn-around.

PR2 actions featured: Foundation Medium, De-Blotch Strong, Magic Eraser, Bronzer II, Foundation Strong, Yin/Yang

Teeth Whitening

Show off your subject’s smile with the PR2 Teeth Whitening action.  Simply run the action, apply to your client’s teeth and get natural-looking whitening in an instant.

PR2 actions featured: Whiten Teeth, Red Remover II, Bronzer II, Brunette Shine


Mecca Gamble


Deliver expertly-polished images when you layer several actions together to fine-tune teeth, eyes, hair, lips and skin.

PR2 actions featured: Foundation Medium, Magic Eraser, Foundation Strong, Bronzer I, Yin.Yang, Brunette Shine, Eye Pop, Clean Eye Whites


The Magic Eraser Action is your secret weapon to making your clients look amazing.  Use it to remove under-eye circles, smooth crow’s feet, eliminate blemishes or erase stray hairs.

PR2 actions featured: Magic Eraser, Eye Makeover, Foundation Strong.

Doug Boutwell

We thought of everything

Pro Retouch 2.0 was made by photographers for photographers.  We know every retouching challenge and we came up with a solution. Whether you want to smooth skin, remove blemishes, enhance eyes and lips or bring out details in hair, PR2 has you covered.


With ProRetouch 2.0, the photographer decides how much or how little he/she wants to retouch their subjects.  By layering actions and applying a little or a lot of each, photographers can offer their clients light/basic retouching to full-fledged beauty edits.







Filters Included


Bronzer I

Bronzer II


Pore Reducer

Magic Eraser

Radiant Glow


Red Remover I

Red Remover II

Custom Smoother

Foundation Lite

De-Shine Medium

De-Shine Strong

De-Blotch Medium

De-Blotch Strong

Foundation Medium

Foundation Strong

Texture Obliterator

Eye Pop

Eye Makeover

Blonde Shine

Whiten Teeth

Luscious Lips

Iris Lightener

Brunette Shine

Dramatic Lashes

Clean Eye Whites

Pop It

Cloning + Healing

Color Painting

Portrait Yin/Yang

System Requirements

Compatible with Mac or PC


Each purchase entitles you to install Pro Retouch 2.0 on up to 4 computers, within one studio, business or household

Host Program

Pro Retouch 2.0 requires the following program: Photoshop CS2 or later


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