June Kamolvisit is a must follow for anyone looking for inspiration that is equal parts adorable and wanderlust.


I’m a small business owner from Thailand who loves travel and captures photos with my iPhone. Whether it’s a portrait of the people I love, especially my beautiful nephews and niece, or memorable scene of places I’ve visited.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

Mobile photography captures immediate moments, right on the spot. Everything becomes quickly and totally up-to-date. You can experience other’s moment while being inspired by them.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

My favorite filters are “Pier pressure” and “Skinny jeans.” I love the fact that these two filters give photo and impression of film photography, and the most important thing, don’t lower the quality of image. I came across Pictapgo from someone I admire, and at the moment, you could say, that Pictapgo is the only app I’m using!

Cory Ann Ellis