We first met Raymona Chin at the #SantaMonica0413 Instameet . We were quick to fall in love with her gorgeous photos and warm personality. We’ve been avid followers ever since.

I’m a Jamaican American whose passion for the ocean has led me to capture the beautiful coastlines of our local beaches in Orange County, California. Along with my love for the sea is my growing family, whom have become my new obsession.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

Mobile photography has put my entire camera bag and office into my back pocket. It gives me complete accessibility, spontaneity, and freedom to shoot from the hip. To capture and creatively edit those unpredictable moments in time. It forces me to be more experimental and forward thinking because I have less control versus that of a digital SLR and filters. The best feature of all is how quickly and discretely you can accomplish your final image to share with the world.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

PicTapGo has become my "go to" app. I have a few features that I couldn’t live without, but my absolute favorite feature is ability to control the intensity of the filters while stacking. It’s truly fantastic, and helps me achieve the look I want without being over done. My favorite filters are "lights on", "high fives", "fade to winter", and "pier pressure". Lastly, the other thing I think is great is being able to easily access your photo library albums rather than having to import.

Cory Ann Ellis