Amanda Thomas is an established photographer working out of London and Bristol. Her specialty is in fashion and beauty; and for 15 years, Amanda has worked directly with agency and publishing creative directors to create beautiful, polished and striking images that are elegant, empowering and engaging. Her "Black Light Campaign" is a new take on every photographer’s favorite topic: light. When asked to shoot a promotional campaign for the band Dub Mafia, Amanda knew that the images needed to be as striking as her subject, singer Eva Lazarus. We caught up with her to ask about the shoot and how she edited the compelling images.

It was a baking hot day and my team, theatre designer and stylist Harriet de Winton, make-up artist Jo Williams and I, were all in a hot, dark basement studio lit with neon tubes and UV light. Eva Lazarus is the charismatic face of Dub Mafia and she worked her magic in front of the camera, despite the rising temperatures. I was delighted to be working with her again on this promotional campaign. Working in the dark is an art form itself!

For this campaign, I used Pro Retouch 2.0 in conjunction with RadLab to produce images that pop and sing. Pro-Retouch is a favourite of mine to smooth skin, in particular Foundation Lite and Magic Eraser with a little Eye Pop to lift the eyes. Sometimes I use this to pop the lips for real punch. I love Totally Rad! as I can customise my own presets to suit the project For the Blacklight Campaign, I made my own recipe, which is a mix and blend of Clairify and Lux.

Cory Ann Ellis