Alfina Shofa, @allyv , is part of the growing community of international PicTapGo users. We’re in love with her images that catalog life and travel in Indonesia.

I’m a 20-something currently living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I work for an IT company, but I have a love affair with photography and traveling. So, I always find time for those two.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

Mobile photography is a staple in my life because it’s just that: mobile! I am easily amused by anything around me. I find intrigue and beauty in details of people, places, and things. So, that’s what my instagram photo gallery is comprised of: random musings that I may bump into wherever I go. My iPhone has given me the ability to shoot at whim, at anything that makes me go, “Wow, looky that!” It’s done what my DSLR can’t, and I adore it for that. From anything around the office, to the people I meet, to a breath-taking view of a sunrise from high atop a steep hill, my iPhone’s camera has been my faithful sidekick in cataloging my discoveries as I wander in awe through this wonderful world of ours.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with PicTapGo! You guys had me at multiple filters, and the sliders that give me the control I need. I love how simple it is to edit my photos, to add that little extra something. My photos usually get some Crispity and Lights On as a default, and then a favorite of mine is to run them through a little bit of Skinny Jeans and Pier Pressure for colors, or Simple BW for my black and white pics.

Cory Ann Ellis