Allena Valensia’s Instagram is an intimate, behind the scenes look into her life as she experiences and explores the world around her.

I’m a blissful Indonesian stay-at-home-mom with a Master Degree, and I cherish every single moment I spend with my family. I take my iPhone with me literally everywhere I go, I love capturing moments of anything.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

Mobile photography has changed the way I experience the world. I can capture whatever catches my eye. It’s freedom!

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

I fell head over heels in love with PicTapGo! I use it to edit almost all of my pictures! I don’t use any other photo editing apps on my iPhone anymore. I can layer as many filters as I like, and adjust the strength of each filter. It’s really easy and fun to use. Crispity, Salt+Pepper, Air, and Loft are my favorite filters! The best part is that you can post whole photos to Instagram at full frame. This app is awesome! Totally rad, hands down!!!

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