Jared Kidder’s photography captures the spirit of adventure. Armed with his mobile phone he shares his love for the outdoors, travel, photography, coffee and food.


What does mobile photography mean to you?

In short, a ton! I have always enjoyed taking photographs, but never had the money to purchase the equipment necessary to do what I wanted with it. Now, with the mobile technology that we have it has made my passion come alive. Being able to take and edit quality shots on my phone has changed the way I view life around me. Everywhere I go I notice the beauty in things that I never would have taken time to notice before. This beauty is in the cloud on an otherwise clear day, the face of the homeless man sitting on a bench, in a Cortado at a local coffee shop, the decaying building long forgotten by its previous inhabitants, and in the rugged mountain landscape. This beauty is in everything and I have just now started taking notice. It’s amazing how in a world tainted by evil and sin that God has allowed beauty to shine through in various ways everywhere we go.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

The thing that is great about PicTapGo is the app’s variety. It is the only app with the number of quality filters that it has, and beyond that you can combine filters and adjust them to give your photo just the look that you are going for. The other great thing about PicTapGo is the ability to use the "full" and "Float" cropping feature to make the photo stand out even more.

Cory Ann Ellis