Flora Jamieson is a stained glass artist making traditional and contemporary windows and decorative items, working out of a converted outbuilding in her home in Dorsetm, UK. Her work is a study in color, texture and adventure.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

In the last couple of years, I’ve found myself increasingly reliant on my phone’s camera for both work and play. As a stained glass artist, I use it to keep clients up to date with how their project is progressing, or to put some work-in-progress shots up on Instagram. Using PicTapGo has enabled me to fix any white-balance issues caused by shooting on my light box, as well as being able to tweak the colors so they are as close to life as possible, all from the comfort of my workbench. It also means I am able to record anything that catches my eye on my travels that might provide a source of inspiration for future designs - a great color palette, an interesting texture, an unusual pattern or a pleasing shape. As a mother, it means that I’m able to catch hold of those quicksilver moments of my children’s lives that would otherwise slip through my fingers - the way they study a shell, or scramble up a tree, or plunge into the icy sea as though it were a warm bath.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

First and foremost, the thing I love the most about PicTapGo is that it is so intuitive. Previously, I tried a few other photo editing apps, but found them to be confusing, clumsy, containing too much information, and just overwhelming when all you want is to quickly edit a picture and make it look great. PicTapGo is the opposite: simple to use, beautifully designed and with some frankly gorgeous filters.

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