RadLab has been discontinued. What does that mean?


A couple months ago, we stopped selling RadLab, along with many other products in the Totally Rad lineup. We've been getting some questions, and some panic, so here's a brief summary of what that means to you.

RadLab will no longer be available for sale. If you've purchased RadLab, your software will continue to work just as it did before. You can re-download and install RadLab from https://gettotallyrad.com/recover just as before. We are no longer developing RadLab, so any new bugs won't be fixed. We won't be offering support for RadLab after June 2019.

But... why?

Long story short, because of changes in the underlying host programs, operating systems, and development tools, it wasn't practical to continue developing RadLab. We were at Adobe's mercy when it came to what we could do with our software, and that severely limited our ability to make the best products possible, and provide the best service. Instead, we decided to focus our energy on something better...

Meet PixelSugar

If you loved RadLab, PixelSugar, our newest app, is for you. It offers almost all of RadLab's features, without requiring any host software to run. It's like RadLab minus Photoshop. Better yet, we'll be adding new features on a regular basis. Unlike RadLab, PixelSugar will continue to get better and better. Grab the free trial and fall in love all over again.

With radical gratitude,

Doug Boutwell

CEO // Totally Rad! Inc.

Cory Ann Ellis