Unlimited filter combinations for effortless editing

PixelSugar® gives you unlimited filter combinations for effortless editing. This stand-alone app for Mac provides non-destructive editing with no need for time-consuming imports or unwieldy catalogs. Simply open a JPEG or RAW image and start combining filters and adjustments, then save your recipe to use forever. PixelSugar is the fast, flexible and fun alternative for photographers who want all the effects, without all the effort.

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The 411

  • A Workflow Wonder

    PixelSugar automatically accesses your JPEG & RAW files. There is no need to import photos and no catalogs to build or manage.

  • Non-Destructive

    PixelSugar automatically saves your edit data as a separate file, so no permanent changes are made to your original image.

  • Easy Exporting

    Export one file or hundreds of files - it's your choice. PixelSugar makes exporting & saving images quick & easy.

  • Endless Filter Options

    PixelSugar is loaded with classic TR filters, your favorite PicTapGo filters & some never-before-seen effects. Stack, combine & save as recipes to use again.

  • Custom Recipes

    PixelSugar lets photographers create fast, consistent results with Recipes®. Combine as many filters as you like & save them to create your own custom filters.

  • We're Going Places

    PixelSugar 1.0 is just the beginning. We have bold plans to add features & functionality at a lightning-fast pace. Check out what we have planned.

Independent, but plays well with others

Unlike plugins, PixelSugar requires no host application. But if you’ve got a Lightroom-centric workflow, we’ve got you covered there too. PixelSugar works as an External Editor in Lightroom, so you can keep using the workflow you’re comfortable with.

Find Your Own Style

PixelSugar encourages you to play until you find the perfect look for your images, but makes it easy to create a consistent style too. Freely combine, tweak, and rearrange over 80 built-in filters. When you’ve perfected your look, save it as a recipe to apply over and over. Consistency has never been easier.

Easy Basic Corrections

Nearly every photo needs a little bit of basic correction to exposure and white balance. PixelSugar puts basic corrections right at your fingertips with a special Corrections panel, and easy hotkey access. We’ve even optimized our corrections separately for raw and jpeg images, so you get great looking results quickly.

No Catalog Required

No need to import your images into a catalog, and no confusion about where your edits are. With PixelSugar, you can just open an image and get started. No more broken references to files you’ve moved. PixelSugar lets you manage your library your way, and makes it easy to see where your edit data is stored.

System Requirements

A 2012 or later Mac (compatible with Metal)

MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later


Each purchase of PixelSugar gives you

  • One year of updates

  • Installation on up to 2 computers, within one studio, business or household.

After one year, your copy of PixelSugar will continue to operate (unlike a subscription), but you will need to purchase a new license to continue installing updates.

Raw Compatibility

PixelSugar utilizes the MacOS raw conversion engine. The specific camera models supported by PixelSugar will depend on the version of MacOS you have installed. Please see Apple's support website for more details.



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