Create photos that stand out, without all the hassle.

(For  MacOS)


Good To Great In 4 Steps

Download PixelSugar and see how easy it is

Something For Every Photo

With over 100 professionally-designed filters, there’s something for every taste. From mild to wild, modern to retro, you’ll find filters to suit any style.

What's Your Recipe?

Your vision is unique, and PixelSugar makes it easy to develop your signature style. Stack and mix filters to make your own personal recipes, and reuse them with a single click.

Just How You Like It

Nearly 300 different adjustments let you dial in exactly the look you want - quickly, and repeatably.

What Can PixelSugar Do For You?

  • Raw Conversion

    Process raw format images from hundreds of cameras without Photoshop or Lightroom, or work with JPEG, TIFF and PNGs.

  • Non-Destructive

    PixelSugar automatically saves your edit data as a separate file, so no permanent changes are made to your original image.

  • Browse Your Photos

    Built-in file browser lets you start working immediately, without annoying import steps.

  • Batch Editing

    Apply recipes or filters to multiple files at once. Copy and paste recipes to speed your workflow. Batch export your results.

  • Works With Lightroom

    Use PixelSugar on its own, or as an external editor in Lightroom Classic.

  • Custom Recipes

    PixelSugar lets photographers create fast, consistent results with Recipes®. Combine as many filters as you like & save them to create your own custom filters.

  • Powerful Adjustments

    Add traditional image adjustments including Levels, Curves, and Hue/Saturation for even more control over your edit.

  • Easy Basic Corrections

    Specialized controls for brightness/exposure and warmth/white balance put your most important controls right at your fingertips.

  • Crop, Rotate, Straighten

    Get the framing just right with the non-destructive crop tool. Easily straighten horizons, rotate, or re-crop your final image.

System Requirements

A 2012 or later Mac (compatible with Metal)

MacOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later


Each purchase of PixelSugar gives you

  • One year of updates

  • Installation on up to 2 computers, within one studio, business or household.

After one year, your copy of PixelSugar will continue to operate (unlike a subscription), but you will need to purchase a new license to continue installing updates.

Raw Compatibility

PixelSugar utilizes the MacOS raw conversion engine. The specific camera models supported by PixelSugar will depend on the version of MacOS you have installed. Please see Apple's support website for more details.


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