Every week we’re going to choose one of our favorite PicTapGo users to interview and feature. This week’s photographer is DeAnna McCasland. DeAnna is INCREDIBLE, not only is she an amazing professional photographer, but she takes her work home with her in the best way. Her Instagram photos capture her home life and two carefree children in beautiful clarity.


What does mobile photography mean to you?

Im thankful that photography is a common thing in my household. If Im not snatching up life’s moments with my big camera then my iPhone is always in my reach. Kids grow up fast, they move fast, they are constantly doing something that the mom (and the photographer in me) will want to document in some way. Mobile photography is a way of being able to capture life’s moments and then being able to let it go so I can be right back in the moment with my kids. Its really important to me to be a present mom. There are some days my kids don’t want to, or honestly, I don’t want to use my big camera so this is the next best thing. It’s a way for me to document life…REAL LIFE, & still be in the moment. I strive on trying to find the beauty in my everyday and mobile photography allows me to do just that. It opens up a constant source of inspriation!

What is your favorite thing about PicTapGo?

I have quite a few favorite things about PicTapGo. First off the variety of filters. Its awesome! I love that I can create my own edits, and that I can save them to save time! I am a mom on the go so this is a major plus for me. I also love that I dont have to edit in 3-4 different apps to get the effects I want before uploading them onto Instagram. I love the control of layering the filters to create my own effects & the fact that is re-sizes them for me in the format I want is really awesome! I actually deleted the rest of the photo apps on my phone once I got PicTapGo because it does everything I need! I find myself editing with the Skinny Jeans filter & the Brooklyn filter the most. And I love applying the Crispy filter on top of those for a little bit of sharpening. Everything about this app is AH-MAZING!

Cory Ann Ellis