Every week we choose one of our favorite PicTapGo users to interview and feature. This week’s photographer is Eric Macfarland. Eric is an iPhone shooting purist. His entire Instagram feed is iPhone only. Yup, no dSLR photos edited on a phone and then pushed to Instagram. We think he is awesome x2 because of how much he uses his phone near the ocean. ;)

What does mobile photography mean to you?

Mobile photography to me is one of by favorite ways to be creative. I really enjoy how much I can do with an image using only my phone. Having the choice of taking a picture and editing it on the spot is amazing to me…much faster than the process I go through with my DSLR shots. I also like the limitations of using my phone. It challenges me to find ways around the problems of using a camera phone. I get really pumped up seeing other people’s work knowing that all they used was a phone and a few apps. Seeing what people do with just a phone helps my creativity immensely, and I know I can look to it and find all kinds of inspiration.

What is your favorite thing about PicTapGo?

I was super stoked when I found out about PicTapGo. The idea of using the actions that I use on my computer and taking them to my phone was amazing to me. Also, the ability to mix and match filters is one of my favorite things in an editing app, and the fact that I can save my own recipe and use it again made PicTapGo even more appealing to me. The awesome filters, and the ability to save recipes was a game changer, and is the reason why PicTapGo is one of my go to apps now. One of my favorite editing tools on my computer is now on my phone, can’t get much better than that!

Cory Ann Ellis