Following Jayms Ramirez on Instagram is one giant adventure. His work as an amazing photographer takes him all over the world, and his mobile photography gives you a front row seat. You don’t want to miss out on his gorgeous photography.


What does mobile photography mean to you?

I am on the road a lot, and I love the ever-changing mobile photography landscape! When shooting for clients, there is always an art director or photo editor to share the vision of ‘their shoot’…. not to mention all the gear/technical aspects that must be addressed on every job. For me, whipping out my iphone and capturing something I find interesting in an instant; is such a joy and a release!! It brings me back to the reason I wanted to be a photographer in the first place. The ability to be present and capture a visually pleasing scene or person, with a device that is built for speed, is so gratifying….

I shoot all the time with my iphone, mostly for fun; but also while scouting for a shoot, I’ll send iphone photos as part of the brief to illustrate our ideas and locations. Basically, it’s a quick and effective way to really enjoy shooting whatever I love, in any environment….. Having said that, I have lost a couple iphones to the mighty oceans around the world!!

What is your favorite thing about PicTapGo?

Since the first iphone came out, I have been a fiend for quick editing on the device itself! I’ve tried every app out there, and as of late have been too overwhelmed with the 199 features in a lot of the apps that seem to overload to the extreme. I am so pleased with this new app from PicTapGo, as it has amazing filters that can be layered, and that photographers want to actually use! Surely the most sensible, easy interface I’ve experienced.


But the big feature for me is the opacity slider….. I love layering filters in a quick way, and the ability to control the strength of any filter going onto to my image. I can really get precise and creative with an image in the palm of my hand and in an instant with PicTapGo!!!

Cory Ann Ellis