As a company of photographers, one of our favorite things about launching an iOS App has been discovering new and amazing image takers. One such talented storyteller is Ashley Corl. Ashley is a graphic designer and photographer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She has two lifelong passions. The first is to create the perfect cup of coffee, and the second is telling stories in new, creative, and artistic ways. Her Instagram feed offers photo after photo of amazing still life images and portraits that make great use of negative space. She uses her Instagram feed and mobile photography to capture ordinary, everyday objects in an extraordinary way.


What does mobile photography mean to you?

Photography has been a passion of mine for years. However, I can’t bring my dSLR with me everywhere I go, whereas my phone is like another limb. In fact, when buying a new phone, my first (and pretty much only) concern is, "How many megapixels is the camera?" and "What are my options for photo editing apps?" What’s great is that what I’d normally need my camera, Photoshop and a computer for, I can now do all on my phone. That’s why I love mobile photography. The accessibility is unbeatable. Plus, without it, I wouldn’t get to be a part of the awesome, inspirational Instagram community.


What is your favorite thing about PicTapGo?

Where do I begin?! This app allows me to enhance images of the most ordinary things into something beautiful. I’ve already been a Totally Rad! fanatic for some time now. So, being able to use those same filters and recipes from my phone with PicTapGo has been a dream. The ability to change the filters’ opacities is great because it puts more control in my hands for how I want my image to look.


The IG crop for the full-size photo is perfect for when you don’t want to cut out any details. And my favorite filter? Skinny Jeans all the way! I have used (and uninstalled) just about every editing app there is. Seriously, nothing compares to PicTapGo!

Cory Ann Ellis