Julia Kuzmenko McKim is an internationally published beauty, fashion & portrait photographer, digital artist, retoucher and educator. She is an International College of Professional Photography graduate represented by Aston Models Agency, Beverly Hills, CA. You can view her professional portfolio at www.juliakuzmenko.com. Julia also provides tons of educational resources at RetouchingEbooks.com.

How does RadLab help you to express your creativity or complete your vision for a photograph?

Artistic color-grading is an extremely important part of creating an image for me. I used to buy, download and create color actions in Photoshop, but I could never manage to avoid frustration when using them. I first had to run an action and then see if I like how it looks on the image I’m working on. The same Action could look good on one photo and crappy on another, and if I was working on an editorial shoot, this could be a big problem. Radlab made my color-grading amazingly easy and enjoyable. I absolutely love the colors in my images now that I have my Radlab!

What is your favorite thing/feature/effect in RadLab?

I love that I can see how a recipe affects an image before I apply it. It’s great that I can save my own recipes and mix and match them as much as I want.

How has RadLab become a part of your everyday workflow?

I have created about 20 recipes of the color finishes that fit my style, and I apply them to every image I work on only adjusting their intensity.

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