We’re inspired by Summer Murdock ( @Summer_Murdock on Instagram). Her images consistently make us nostalgic for seasons past.

I am a wife, mother to four kids, light lover and photographer who doesn’t usually take life too seriously!

What does mobile photography mean to you?

To me mobile photography means keeping it simple and focusing on what’s really important in photography. I love it because it makes me focus on the light and composition. I absolutely love the challenge of making interesting images with a simple piece of equipment. As a photographer I often hear “Your camera takes amazing pictures”. Sure my “real” camera is a nice camera, and it definitely helps me produce high quality images, but my phone images prove that it’s really less to do with the camera and more to do with the person behind it. I LOVE I have to say that my mobile photography satisfies instantly my creative impulses as they hit me. It such a great outlet for me, and I truly have captured some images that I absolutely treasure! I really love the supportive and inspirational IG community.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

Skinny jeans is my most used filter in PictapGo. I probably run it over every image I process. I love the faded look it gives to the images. Pictapgo is awesome because I can lower the opacity of every filter I run. I love how it saves my “recipes” too. Makes for some fast processing. Also, LOVE the fact that I can load non-square images right into IG from pictapgo without an extra step! I adore Pictapgo. It’s simple and genius!

Cory Ann Ellis