Shanelle Romman’s images are an incredible love affair with nature. We’re proud to have her gorgeous photos and interview for this week’s PicTapFeatured . Be sure to follow her on Instagram where she goes by @Grandmotherwolf.

“I am always taking photos - whether I use my DSLR or iphone there is always a moment to capture. My biggest inspiration for photography comes from my appreciation for nature, where it’s not about staging the “perfect” shot, but being aware of what’s already there. I could be driving through a blizzard, or standing in the middle of a desert and all I am thinking is how I can turn that into a beautiful shot.”

What does mobile photography mean to you?

It means I am limitless, it means being spontaneous, adventurous and living in the moment.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

My favorite filters are Skinny Jeans and Air. I love the versatility of PicTapGo, it brings the ideas in my head to life in just seconds.

Cory Ann Ellis