Hunter is a music photographer whose career has included creating portraits of Eric Clapton, Brad Paisley and Iron and Wine. He is a must follow on Instagram, where his feed gives an inside look into the exciting world of music photography, and showcases amazing imagery edited with PicTapGo.


“I picked up my first camera at 15, and started shooting bands right away. Photography and music have always been a strong passion for me. So, I figured out ways to combine them. Over the years I have shot for numerous magazines, record labels, and bands.”

What does mobile photography mean to you?

As a professional photographer utilizing mobile photography has become an important self-promotion tool. Being able to upload and share projects, as they are happening give an inside look to followers and future clients. People these days look for more then just the final product. They feel more connected when they can see the process in action. Being able to instantly update and show people what you are doing, where and with whom you are working has become important. Another nice part of mobile photography is that it’s a moment, a moment in time, a moment to be shared. They are not always images that you would hang on your wall but they are a glimpse for others to see what you see and feel.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

The first time that I got to use PicTapGo I instantly fell in love. The greatest feature is the ability to control the opacity of the filter and then stack the filters like layers in PS. [When] I got to the bottom where there was not one but many choices for B&W; [it] brought a smile to my face. Finally, someone realized that there is more than one look for B&W.

Cory Ann Ellis