Amy Donohue , @adonohuephoto on Instagram, is a photographer whose work proves that every day we’re surrounded by adventure and beauty.

I am originally a southern girl who grew up in Kentucky then migrated to Vermont with my family seven years ago. I really dislike the cold Vermont winters but love, love, love everything about the little village where we live and raise our children. I love documenting the everyday moments and the adventures of living in rural Vermont with my family so I can preserve them forever. In 2013, I decided to turn my love of photography into a business photographing children and families and am now starting to photograph weddings, which I am totally smitten with.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

Last year, I joined a community of creatives to do a 365 project, and the primary platform for posting images was Instagram. I began using my mobile phone, but wasn’t very happy with the quality of the images. I soon realized that in order to really push my photography, I needed to use my DSLR camera, not just my iPhone. So, I figured out how I could still stay with the project and continue posting to Instagram, only now using images shot with my DSLR.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

I started using PicTapGo almost a year ago, primarily because it allowed me to post images shot with my DSLR as a 2:3 ratio instead of the square crop. However, I quickly found myself using Lights On and Crispity on just about all my images. I love that I can adjust the strength of the filters as needed and that I can layer them. It’s so easy to use!

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