Sarah Chatham closed up her Midwest boudoir photography studio a year ago in search of greener pastures in Aspen, Colorado. She loves living a life of adventure surrounded by breathtaking views and photographing the beauty that surrounds her. What does mobile photography mean to you?

The ability to have a camera anywhere and everywhere I go is a dream come true! With all of the hiking, skiing and adventuring I do, it’s impractical to lug my DSLR, lenses and gear along. My iPhone takes up no space in my pack and the image quality is nothing to scoff at. Living in Colorado, I am surrounded by beautiful landscapes that are always changing, and I love being able to instantly capture the world around me and share it with the people I love via social media.

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

When it comes to my photos, I’m a bit of a control freak! PicTapGo gives me Photoshop-like control over the final image. The ability to layer and adjust the strength of different filters and not being restricted to a square crop are my favorite features. I always disliked using the standard, preset filters on photo sharing apps, but now I have a way to scoot around that and make each of my images unique!

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