• PxS would sometimes appear behind Lightroom when opened as an eternal editor
  • In Split View, only the left side would be scrollable
  • The Library search field was misaligned when typing
  • Automatic filename conflict resolution wouldn't behave correctly for filenames that are only numbers (i.e. 001.jpg) wouldn't
  • Empty recipe names and duplicate recipe names aren't allowed anymore
  • Bugs related to document autosave

Changed / Improved

  • After applying a filter or recipe, the preview-on-hover feature is disabled until you move the cursor over a different thumbnail
  • The default export settings have changed to same folder + same filename + automatically resolve conflicts. This makes it easier to quickly export filename.jpg as filename+1.jpg
  • Exceptions and errors are now de-mangled in the error dialog, helping resolve issues more quickly with users when they occur
  • PixelSugar documents (.pxs files) now have a better description of their file type in Finder
  • Recipes, favorites, and the state of the Library panel is now better preserved between External Editor mode and Normal mode



First official release!

v1.0 has the same features as v0.1.11 public beta, with the exception of some licensing differences.



Lightroom integration!!! w00t!


  • Use PixelSugar as an External Editor for Lightroom (ᵔᴥᵔ). See the Support Page for more info.


  • Moved some UI around, and added a PixelSugar logo to the titlebar
  • After applying a filter, the "preview on hover" feature is now disabled until you move the pointer to a different thumbnail


  • Filters you applied were mysteriously disappearing, at random times. This was a Bad Thing™, and we've made the bad thing go away.



Kill ALL the bugs!


  • Switched the before / after view positions, and added labels
  • The Back / Forward buttons in the Files panel now hide themselves when the view is narrow, so you can actually read the contents of the drop-down menu
  • Powder, Terra, and Metropolis filters are now correctly categorized as B&W


  • Some areas of the image would render as a large black rectangle at certain zoom levels on MacOS 10.12
  • Memory usage could get WAY out of hand in long editing sessions, causing app performance to suffer
  • "Before" view in Split View mode would often draw incorrectly
  • The zoom slider wouldn't set itself to the correct position when switching between a large and a small image
  • All TIFF files were being treated as raw images, even though most of them aren't
  • Scrollbars would look ugly for users with certain older mice
  • Zoom sizes larger than 100% were broken (so we've disabled zoom > 100% for now)
  • Clicking on the Filters / Recipes button with no image loaded would throw an error
  • If you removed the file you were recently editing, then re-opened the app, it would crash
  • If the image you're editing is deleted on disk, it's now unloaded as the active image in PxS
  • Images opened by dragging onto the PxS icon wouldn't export correctly
  • File thumbnails wouldn't render properly if you opened the app with the Files panel closed
  • Initial naming of recipes wouldn't behave correctly in some circumstances
  • Library panel thumbnails wouldn't redraw at higher resolution when resizing the Library panel




  • Added a titlebar to the top of the Preview pane
  • Added an Export button to the Preview titlebar


  • Many bugs related to zoom in the Preview Panel



So Things! Much Update! Wow!


  • Support for opening HEIC format images, which is the new default storage format in iOS 12.
  • Extra options for export, allowing you to save exported images in the same folder, and to auto-resolve any naming collisions. Now you can just hit Cmd+E and press Return, and you'll get an export right next to the original file. Super easy!


  • The drop-down in the Files pane now has a Locations section, which lists all your drives and network storage volumes. This should make accessing your external storage quicker and more reliable.
  • Improved UI appearance for File / Filter thumbnails
  • Better sorting of files with numbers in the filename. img100 should now correctly appear after img2
  • Improved window state restoration


  • Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Equalize have been removed again for now. This may cause some users' saved recipes or documents to break (sorry!). Those filters are unusably slow in some cases, and produce the wrong results on MacOS 10.12. We'll work on implementing alternatives in the future.


  • Export quality slider would sometimes be out of sync with the actual / text value
  • Switching images would sometimes not update the preview image
  • Corrections hotkeys wouldn't respond until after you clicked the slider
  • Centering of the preview image could break when toggling between fit / full
  • UI boo-boos on MacOS Mojave



Bugs Killed

  • PixelSugar now correctly detects when the hardware isn't Metal-compatible, and displays a message on startup (instead of just crashing outright)
  • Fix for frequent "Stylet" errors
  • Fix for filters not being applied to exported images
  • Potential fix for black lines at the edges of images in some circumstances

Cheese Moved

  • Remove "+" from Filter strength text (it's redundant - that number can never be negative)
  • Remove hamburger menu from the Recipe menu (you can save and clear the recipe with the buttons at the bottom)




  • "Oh, Snap!" is back, by popular demand
  • The PixelSugar Help menu item now links to our support page


  • Minor logging change to help us track down an elusive crash




  • Library thumbnails would sometimes show an out-of-date image
  • When recovering from a corrupted PxS document, the image wouldn't display until it was explicitly selected again
  • Better resize behavior for panel dividers



First Open Beta release!


  • Improved layout for Preview Pane toolbar
  • Misc changes to font sizes and weights
  • Improved logging, which should help diagnose future issues
  • Re-enabled Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Equalize filters
  • No need to enter your credentials when activating the app - this now happens automatically for the public beta


  • Image Export is fixed
  • Preview image no longer "jumps" when switching images
  • Fixed a bug related to restoring window state and divider positions
  • Thumbnails were reloading twice, when they only needed to reload once, impacting performance
  • Split View layout is fixed




  • File extensions are replaced on export - "my-file.jpg" doesn't become "my-file.jpg.jpg"
  • No more errors when removing the last filter from a recipe
  • The Preview image no longer flickers annoyingly after changing a slider
  • File thumbnails should load more quickly
  • Fixed Preview panel bug where the image was displayed at 1/4 size on non-retina displays

New Stuff

  • Network and external hard drives are now accessible in the Files panel
  • You can now load your own LUTs into their own groups by organizing them in subfolders of ~/Library/Application Support/Totally Rad/PixelSugar/Lookup Tables
  • Pretty new toolbar on the Preview pane, especially at high magnification



🎉 First Internal Beta Release 🎉