PicTapGo On Steroids

PixelSugar is everything you love about PicTapGo, with the added power of your Mac.


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  • All your favorite filters.

    The same filters you love in PicTapGo are all here, plus nearly 50 more.

  • Create Your Own Recipes

    Just like PicTapGo, you can create your own processing combinations and save them to use again later.

  • Added Control

    PixelSugar’s filters have additional controls to let you get just the look you want.

  • Powerful Adjustments

    Use PixelSugar’s Curves, Levels, and Hue/Saturation adjustments for even greater possibilities.

  • Non-Destructive

    PixelSugar remembers your edits so you can come back and refine your processing later.

  • Process Raw Images

    PixelSugar reads camera raw images for the highest possible image quality.



If you love PicTapGo, you’ll immediately feel at home.

Still have questions? Learn More about PixelSugar here.