Angela Thompson is a physician from the midwest who enjoys photography as a creative outlet from work. Her two muses are her two daughters. She enjoys capturing the fleeting moments of childhood, as well as creating and shooting concept shots for various projects, including @my_365 on Instagram.

What does mobile photography mean to you?

For the past couple of years, I have been doing a 52-week project with my best friend involving prompt-based shots of our children. We shoot individually, then share and combine. In a search for new topics, I came across @my_365 on Instagram at the beginning of the year and decided to give it a try. With my time commitments at work, I was unsure whether or not I would be able to stick with it, but what I discovered was so much more than I expected to find! The community is so supportive and the inspiration is endless!! I am always trying to improve my photography skills. Observing other photographer’s work, both professional and amateur (like myself), has opened my eyes to new techniques and new ways of exploring the emotional side of photography!

What is your favorite PicTapGo feature?

Being able to bounce ideas off of other like-minded individuals that I have met through Instagram has been very rewarding. I originally started this year’s project with my iPhone, but was craving the quality that only my DSLR could provide. I now shoot a mix for my 365, with a majority of my shots coming from my DSLR.

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